Ghostpuncher Corps is currently recruiting guest players for a series of episodes that will air in the later half of 2019. These will be 2-3 episode mini-arcs featuring an adventure set in the Ghostpuncher universe with the Ghostpuncher Corps crew teaming up with teams of guest players.

As we are seeking players for these arcs we are also seeking people to commit to staying on the podcast long-term, and so for people who would be interested in committing to the project please sign up to participate in these episodes and note in your submission that you’re interested in staying on the show. These episodes will be a bit of a “try out” period for anyone who’s interested in joining long term to see who would be a good fit for the show. You do not necessarily need to be familiar with the show in order to submit, but please try to sample the comic or the show to get a sense of the tone and the universe you’re making a character in before you submit.

If you are interested either way, please send a short MP3 recording made with whatever best recording devices you have available with this information:

Introduce yourself with your name, your age, your pronouns, and a little bit about yourself & whatever podcasts or other media you’re involved in, if you would like to include that information.

Introduce us to your character. Your character is a Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition character, belonging to just about any character class you can justify story-wise bringing to the table, homebrew or otherwise. They’re human, level 8, of earth and live in America in 2018. Right now, the Corps are heavy on casters, so I would encourage low-magic classes, especially if you want to be considered for permanent cast status. If you do make a magic user, a few things to keep in mind:

  • Magic works differently in the Ghostpuncher universe than in D&D. Culture and cultural iconography powers magic. This can be interpreted in all sorts of different ways. Examples: A bard powered by the runes she soldered into the circuitboard of her synths, an art historian whose relationship to her own field becomes so fractured and tense she accesses warlock magic through it.
  • If your class has a relationship with divinity, what they worship in can be just about anything of cultural significance, as long as a person could feasibly worship it. Freddie Mercury, anime, capitalism, Fortnite, American muscle cars, you name it. At one point a character considered for the original cast was a Dolly Parton worshipping cleric.

After you’ve described your character, speak in their voice for at least one sentence. You gotta do a voice!

Send that MP3 to

If you would like to workshop your character and meet the cast of the show and the community of fans behind it you can join us in the Ghostpuncher Discord, just head to

Eve will start contacting guests for the mini arcs at the conclusion of the next Ghostpuncher Corps arc, expected mid 2019.